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SUN | Habanero + Charred Fresno

SUN | Habanero + Charred Fresno


This is our original hot sauce. This was the cali-baja style we first started with


It's new name is Sun. 


Sun is 40% habanero and charred fresno peppers. backed by loads of garlic, shallot, and szechuan peppercorn. This is chef-crafted hot sauce that is an all-natural recipe inspired by the combination of hot peppers and szechuan peppercorn. No preservatives, oils, gums, fillers. Freshly roasted pepper flavor with a mouth-watering tingle to make this a smooth ride and a great addtion to all foods.


Pairs well with everything!


5 oz. Bottle

  • Refrigeration

    Refridgeration is recommended....but not required. It will not ferment or spoil if left out. Just keep out of sunlight, so the flavor and color does not oxidize.

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